Thank you for your visiting Lexus Cup Golf.

Over the last 2 years the tournament grew from strength to strength. As such and in line with the spirit of Kaizen which drives the Lexus philosophy namely, the Pursuit of Perfection, we are continuously striving to improve the format and experience of the tournament. Following a review of the event which was in part also guided by feedback from our Lexus customers, this year the 2016 Lexus Cup which take place by invitation only with a much greater focus on our existing Lexus owners.

We appreciate that this may be somewhat disappointing to you if you are not an existing Lexus owner but wish to assure you that Lexus will continue to look for other golfing opportunities together with our golfing partners at The Pro Shop to enhance your golf experience and provide you with a taste of Lexus exclusivity.

If you are currently one of our loyal owners please let us know which Lexus dealership you deal with so that we can ensure you are included on the invite list.

Best regards
Lexus and The Pro Shop